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Water front for all

pondless stream waterfall

The Pondless Waterfall – DIY

The Pondless Waterfall The pondless waterfall is exactly what you need if you have ever thought about putting a water feature in your outdoor space.  After researching all that is involved with pond ownership realize that it’s tons of work?  Your life is busy and finding the time, energy and money that goes into digging…
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dry stack stone wall

Building a Dry Stack Stone Wall

Here is a “how to” so you can create a beautiful dry stacked stone retaining wall that won’t look like someone just dumped a pile of rocks around your garden.  You can also use these techniques when you are rocking in your pond.  If you follow these guidelines you will have a sturdy wall that…
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pond algae control before and after

Pond Algae Control – UV Light Installation

The Answer to Your Prayers You go out to the edge of your pond, expecting to watch your fish gracefully swim about. Then you realize you really can’t see much of anything. Even in the shallow depths, all that exists is a fog of green! Pond algae control is a MUST!  Nothing is more frustrating…
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how to polish concrete countertops

Polished Concrete Countertops

Polished Concrete Countertops Material List: Portland cement Fine grout Acrylic bonder Concrete sealer Tools Required: Concrete polisher Diamond polishing disk set 8” drywall knife Safety glasses Rubber gloves Rain gear How To Polish Concrete Countertops Your grill island it really starting to look like something. Now, to add that WOW factor. I will show you…
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concrete countertop

Building Your Own Concrete Countertops

Building your own concrete countertops are easier than you think.  Have you ever wanted to have an amazing outdoor bar or grill island that will stand up to the elements and look impressive year after year?  This is a fantastic project that’s the icing on the cake of that awesome grill island you built in…
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DIY cinder block bb grill island

Cinder Block BBQ Island – More Than Just Blocks

Grill Island Phase 2 When you hear someone say they are building a cinder block bbq island you probably get a certain picture in your mind and think of an unappealing cinder block wall.  Well the blocks are only the bones of the project, and when we are finished we are going to have something…
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grill island concrete form

Outdoor Kitchen Grill Islands

Let me propose a question… What could be better than relaxing by the beautiful water garden you created with your bear hands. Yes, bear hands, because that’s how your hands feel after all that digging! The answer is, relaxing by your beautiful water garden with a plate of delicious food that you prepared on your…
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Backyard waterfall

Backyard Pond Designs – Make It Personal

Backyard pond designs are a direct reflection of your personality and taste.  This is the time to let your creative ideas run wild and showcase your amazing water feature.  Just like furnishing a new home, it’s time to add all the finishing touches that can really enhance your amazing creation. Fist things first.  Be sure…
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pond construction

Phase 2 – How to Rock a Pond

Let the fun begin! You have all your materials, the hole is dug, and you’re ready to put all the “pieces” together. This may look intimidating but just take it one step at a time and you will see exactly how to rock a pond. This will be the time when all that hard work…
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create your backyard oasis

Build a Backyard Water Garden

When you first start off on your journey to build a backyard water garden it can be a bit intimidating.  Don’t be overwhelmed, just take it one step at a time, and before you know it you will be enjoying your own waterfall with the soothing sounds of rushing water right in your own back…
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