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Water front for all

Family bond

Family Bonding Activities – The Water Garden

When I first set out on the journey or should I say adventure of fatherhood, I knew there were a few key elements from my childhood that I wanted to carry on.  One of the most important things for us was that our family always sat down every night (not in front of the TV)…
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frog in the water garden

At The Water Garden – Season in Review

Summer in a Nutshell I know I know; I haven’t added much as far as articles go this summer.  Things have been busy at backyard water garden headquarters. Between a constant string algae invasion, a family of frogs moving in and a new discovery there is never a dull moment. Now that summer is slowly…
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the water garden

The Water Garden

OK, let’s face it, this is obviously your “thing” or else you wouldn’t be here still reading this right now.  We all have a passion for gardening, and creating beautiful spaces by way of plantings and water features.  Here are a few tips to keep your water garden looking its best, and naturally transitioning into…
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pink water lily

Small Garden Pond Ideas – Something for Every Budget

Ok, you see all these wonderful pictures on Pinterest, Facebook, or even on display at your local garden center.   It’s got you thinking, “why can’t I have that?”. This is the sort of hobby where you can start out small and scale up as you go. Perhaps jumping right into something and spending a couple…
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full grow koi

Backyard Water Garden Visits The Koi Pond Supply Store

When my wife asked me if we were going to add more fish to the pond this year, my answer was a resounding “YES!”  The best thing about having a water garden is going to the store and picking out fish.  I am like a kid on Christmas morning.  Once my pond was up and…
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Japanese Koi carp

Japanese Koi Carp – Bred To Perfection

When I first walked into the local pond outlet, walking past the registers and the racks of fish food and various pond products, I heard a sound that got my attention. The sound of rushing water was filling the room I was in. It was coming from the back if the store. I walked through…
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gardening in clay soil

Gardening With Clay Soil

If you’re like me, then you just can’t wait to get out to the garden. Whether it’s aquatic plants or the surrounding landscape, it makes no difference it all adds beauty to what you see. One of the challenges we face as gardeners is dealing with the hand we are dealt. We are not hostages…
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flagstone path

Top 6 Cheap Garden Path Ideas

Let me begin by clarifying that not all the listed garden paths will work for every environment. Obviously the garden that you enjoy in Southern California or Arizona will be much different from the one in New York. Keep this in mind as you decide on the materials you choose to create your garden path.…
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Outside Lights For The House

Creating the right atmosphere can easily be accomplished with the right outside lights for the house.  The right lighting choices can be one the best things you can do to your outdoor landscape. The lighting you choose has a direct effect on the feeling you get for being in the space. For instance, a spotlight…
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clear water pond

Pond Maintenance Supplies

Pond Maintenance Products My goal is to help you achieve a crystal clear pond with as little effort as possible, so you have more time to sit back and enjoy it. The pond you have created is beautiful yes, but unlike a natural pond, it lacks the introduction of fresh water. In nature a pond…
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