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Water front for all

clear water pond

Pond Maintenance Supplies

Pond Maintenance Products My goal is to help you achieve a crystal clear pond with as little effort as possible, so you have more time to sit back and enjoy it. The pond you have created is beautiful yes, but unlike a natural pond, it lacks the introduction of fresh water. In nature a pond…
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spring pond clean up

Natural Pond Maintenance – Easy Steps For Minimal Work

It’s almost time for some spring cleaning. Time to get your pond back looking its best for the upcoming season. A chance to go through all of your mechanical and electrical systems and make sure everything will be running smoothly in the days ahead. Get your pond looking as good as the day you first…
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water lilly

Pond Plants

Pond Plants The vegetation found in and around a pond or water garden can be broken down into four categories. Bog, marginal, submerged and floating The Biological Filter – Controlling Algae – The Natural Way This type of filter works by creating an environment where beneficial bacteria can thrive. These beneficial bacteria in turn devour…
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concrete countertop

Building Your Own Concrete Countertops

Building your own concrete countertops are easier than you think.  Have you ever wanted to have an amazing outdoor bar or grill island that will stand up to the elements and look impressive year after year?  This is a fantastic project that’s the icing on the cake of that awesome grill island you built in…
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Healthy Ways to Find Inner Peace

Eliminating Stress – Finding Inner Peace There are plenty of healthy ways to find inner peace.  Are you feeling stressed? Would you like to eliminate, or reduce that stress without any pills or chemicals? Then an at home get away is the solution you have been looking for. The ultimate goal is to create a…
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