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Not sure how or where to begin. This comprehensive guide takes you step by step from inception to finished design. Simple explanations and pictures to guide you every step of the way.

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“This is so cool! Your instructions are easy to follow. I’m a visual learner, the images are useful with awesome diagrams as well.”


“As a DIYer I am always looking for ways to do all my projects myself. Love the step by step instructions."


What’s Inside the Book?

Test The Waters

A must for anyone considering putting in a backyard pond, waterfall or both. Avoid the common pitfalls, and know what you’re getting into before you begin.

Jump In 

This comprehensive guide will take you step by step from an idea to a full on backyard oasis. This book covers everything from the equipment needed, to what type of plants to plant beside your waterfall.

Make A Splash

Ready to get started and become the envy of your neighborhood. Follow along with us and transform your outdoor space into something truly amazing.

About the Author

Jeff Klinger

His years in the landscape industry have given him an advantage when it comes to backyard transformations. The explanations and his step by step instructions are written with the DIYer in mind. He is here to help you realize your vision.

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