pond liner repair in 7 easy steps

Pond Liner Repair In 7 Easy Steps

Pond Liner Repair In 7 Easy Steps

1. Get another piece of rubber liner big enough to go over the problem area by at least 2 inches all around.
2. Drain the water 12 inches below the problem area, exposing it and make sure the area is clean and dry.
3. Use the prep solvent that comes with your liner repair kit (link to Amazon) and generously clean the area again. This will remove any fine dirt that may have been missed in the initial cleaning.
4. The MOST important thing, be sure all the wrinkles are out of the liner where the repair will be made. Wrinkles will cause leaks.
5. Apply the sealant around the area, a bit larger than the patch.
6. Gently apply the patch over the area and gently apply pressure all around to be sure of a good seal. (No Wrinkles)
7. Allow the sealant to cure, then refill your pond.

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why you need a UV Light in your pond

Why You Need A UV Light In Your Pond

Why Do I Need A UV Light In My Pond UV lights do a few things for you and your pond. They kill harmful bacteria and sterilize the water, creating high water quality so goldfish and koi can thrive. The other thing… they destroy the free floating algae that plagues pond owners.  Don’t neglect to […]

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Know this before owning koi

Know This Before Owning Koi

Koi need ample space to thrive – When estimating pond size, you need at least 300 gallons per fish. For example a 3000 gallon pond could house no more than 10 koi.
Great water quality – this can be accomplished through various types of filtration system.
Protection from predators

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climb mount marcy

Climbing Mount Marcy

At a Glance Elevation: 5344 Distance to Summit: 7.4 miles Total distance: 14.8 miles Trail Entrance Location Coordinates (google maps): 43.108471, -74.368059 What to Bring ½ liter for every hour in the woods Jacket, the top of the mountain is about 20 degrees colder than where you start your journey Dense foods. Granola bars, nuts […]

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flagstone patio blog banner

How to Build a Flagstone Patio A Helpful Guide

I’m warning you, be careful, if your wife is anything like mine, she knows how to plant a seed in my mind. Once planted I have no choice but to carry out her plans. She is crafty that way… and that’s why I love her. All she did was merely mention adding a flagstone patio […]

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Planting water lilies banner

Planting Water Lilies

Planting water lilies may seem like a daunting task, but if you take it step by step and use the right variety, you too can have a green thumb.  There is nothing more beautiful than a delicate water lily bloom floating across the calm water on a silent pond. Check out this short video, or […]

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keep your pond fish safe from predators

Keeping Koi Safe From Pond Predators

Something you may have not given much thought to is how you will keep your fish safe from pond predators.  Here is a typical scenario that may give you a wake up call The Time has come to finally sit back and enjoy your amazing water feature.  Weather you put it in yourself, or hired […]

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pondless waterfall blog banner

The Pondless Waterfall – DIY

The Pondless Waterfall The pondless waterfall is exactly what you need if you have ever thought about putting a water feature in your outdoor space.  After researching all that is involved with pond ownership realize that it’s tons of work?  Your life is busy and finding the time, energy and money that goes into digging […]

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Family bond

Family Bonding Activities – The Water Garden

When I first set out on the journey or should I say adventure of fatherhood, I knew there were a few key elements from my childhood that I wanted to carry on.  One of the most important things for us was that our family always sat down every night (not in front of the TV) […]

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frog in the water garden

At The Water Garden – Season in Review

Summer in a Nutshell I know I know; Most of my time has been spent at the water garden.  I haven’t added much as far as articles go this summer.  Things have been busy at backyard water garden headquarters. Between a constant string algae invasion, a family of frogs moving in and a new discovery, […]

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