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    Airmax PondAir Pond Aerator Systems

    Pond Logic® PondAir Aeration System

    High Efficiency Aeration Pump Running on as little as 4 watts, these whisper-quiet diaphragm aeration pumps are the heart and soul of our PondAir aeration units. Costing virtually nothing to run, you can feel good about providing constant aeration to your pond.

    Pond Logic® PondAir™ Aeration Systems deliver essential oxygen and circulation to ponds up to 1,000 …

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    Aquascape Pond Aerators

    Pond aerators oxygenate your pond, helping all biological processes and creating a more stable environment, resulting in healthier fish and plants. Aeration is also very important during winter months in colder climates, as aeration helps to keep a small hole open in the surface of the pond to aid in degassing.

    Extremely energy-efficient Quiet Simple to use and maintain. Durable outer …

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    Aquascape Pro Air 60 Pond Aeration Kit

    Pond Aerator Pump Specs:

    • Maximum Air Flow Rate: (Loaded) 2.1 CFM (60 L/min)
    • Maximum Air Depth: (Loaded) 5.80 psi (0.36 kgf/cm2)
    • Outlets: 1 – (2-Way Manifold #61012 available)
    • Cord Length: 6 feet
    • Wattage: 45
    • Pump Dimensions: 7.75″ L x 7.25″ W x 4″ H
    • Aeration Diffuser (2) – 10″ Rubber Membrane
    • Airline: (2) 25-feet x 3/8-inch braided vinyl
    • Warranty: 3-Year LImited
    • Pond Size: Up to 15,000 gallons
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    Pro Air 20 Pond Aeration Kit

    • Effectively oxygenates ponds and water features up to 5,000 gallons
    • Keeps water clean and clear
    • Ensures healthier water, fish, and plants
    • Helps keep pond fish safe through freezing months
    • 3-Year Limited Warranty


    The Aquascape Pro Air 20 Pond Aeration Kit is the ideal solution for aerating ponds and water features up to 5,000 gallons. The complete kit provides everything needed …