Winter Hardy Pre-Grown Water Lily

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Bring your pond to life with our winter hardy pre-grown water lily.  There is nothing more beautiful than a delicate water lily bloom floating across the calm water on a silent pond.  Gazing out over the water the blooms are like stars gleaming in the night sky.  

Not only will these lilies beautify your water garden, but they will bring shade to the ponds inhabitants.  By adding shade producing plants to your pond, the production of free floating algae will be reduced.

This is a pre-rooted Winter Hardy water lily is suitable for all zones across the continental united states, specially grown in a coco-fiber plug that is easy to grow to maturity in ponds or deck and patio containers.  See our blog post for detailed instructions on how to plant and care for these wonderful plants.

LOWER PRICE than potted water lilies – Better Value.

Single  Lily (Random Colors!)


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