January 26, 2020

Top 5 Must Haves For Every Pond Owner Spring of 2020

The more people I talk to in this business the more I have noticed a common thread among them. There are a few things that every pond owner needs to have at their disposal. If you have a pond, or are dreaming of building one, these are the essentials every pond owner needs.

The following list is not only for pond maintenance, but also for the prevention of algae, the health of your fish, and the lasting enjoyment all year long.

Here are the top five things every pond owner needs

Pond Shark

This was invented by a man in his garage who wanted a versatile tool that could handle most of a pond owners needs. Voila the pond shark was born!

This is actually three tools in one. With a telescoping handle that will extend up to 60 inches. The net is great for catching fish, or scooping out leaves and debris. On one end is a rake to help aide in the removal of debris. The other end has as a scraper to remove stubborn string algae. This is a must have all in one pond maintenance kit.

UV Light

Tired of starting the season with clear water, and then as soon as the temperature rises everything turns into pea soup? Your brightly colored fish seem to disappear and are only visible when they come to the surface a feeding time. Stop the madness this season and install a UV light (link to our UV light article).

This is not exactly a maintenance tool. It is more of a preventative maintenance tool. Keep your water free from algae. A UV light will eliminate green water without chemicals. Get the right size based on your pond and be free from algae that plagues every pond owner.

Small Ponds 

(up to 1,000 gal)

Medium Ponds 

(Up to 2,000 gal)

Large Ponds

(3,500 gal and up)

Aeration System

A must for any pond owner! No matter what size pond you have an aeration system is essential. Keep your pond rich with oxygen, even through the winter months. These aeration kits (link to Amazon) are relatively inexpensive and cheap to run. 

Even if you do not use it all year in your pond, it’s great to have when you place your fish in a holding tank or need to quarantine them for any reason. The aerator will keep them alive. Go HERE (link to our aeration article) for a more in depth conversation about aeration. Also check out the video below.

Here are a few examples of aeration kits that will suit you perfectly, no matter what size pond you have.

Large Aeration Kit

Small Aeration Kit

Utility Pump

This is the “workhorse” when it comes to pond maintenance. The great thing about this is it has many other uses besides pumping out your pond. Most can handle dirty water with a small amount of debris. 

This is a must have for doing seasonal water changes. 

If you have a pool these will make short work out of draining your pool cover in the spring.

We have a more in depth review of the stark dirty water utility pump (link to our review article)

Holding Tank

This is one of those things that you don’t need until you do! Depending on your needs be sure to have the right size available when you need it. Even if you only have a few goldfish, a holding tank makes life easier.

We did a full spring cleaning last season with a 50% water change. A 500 gallon holding tank along with an aeration system kept my fish alive for the 4 days.

When you use your holding tank, be sure to fill it with water from the pond. Do not use water straight from the town or city. It has chlorine in it, plus changing the water that drastically could shock your fish.

One more thing about using a holding tank… be sure to cover it. Not only to keep pests like racoons or cats out, but also to keep your fish in. Koi have a tendency to jump out of the water at certain times throughout the year. Placing some pond netting over the top is a good idea.

This 100 gallon holding tank is flexible and has a netting already attached.

Standard 100 gallon holding tank


So now you know what’s in store for the pond owner. I think we have covered all the bases. If you stick with this list you will have everything you need to get you started off on the right foot.

With these useful tools in your tool kit you know your pond will stay healthy, and you will have an edge when it comes to maximizing your enjoyment.

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