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Build The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Grill Island

Let’s build the ultimate outdoor kitchen grill island. One that can stand up to the elements, is low maintenance and looks amazing year after year. In this series you will learn how to build a cinder block bbq grill island. Finished with field stone and topped off with a concrete bar and counter top. If this […]

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How To Fix A Brick Walk In 7 Easy Steps

Remove the affected bricks from the walk along with 3 courses on either side of the problem area. If roots are the issue, use a reciprocating saw to cut out the roots causing the problem. Fill in the void the roots left behind and then using a hand tamper, compact the ground. Pour paver sand […]

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how to build a flagstone patio

How to Build a Flagstone Patio A Helpful Guide

I’m warning you, be careful, if your wife is anything like mine, she knows how to plant a seed in my mind. Once planted I have no choice but to carry out her plans. She is crafty that way… and that’s why I love her. All she did was merely mention adding a flagstone patio […]

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dry stack stone wall

Building a Dry Stack Stone Wall

Building a dry stack stone wall is not as difficult as it looks if you follow a few guidelines.  You can create a beautiful dry stacked stone retaining wall that won’t look like someone just dumped a pile of rocks around your garden.  You can also use these techniques when you are rocking in your pond.  […]

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flagstone path

Top 6 Cheap Garden Path Ideas

These top 6 cheap garden path ideas will certainly set your outdoor space off right.  Keep in mind that not all the listed garden paths listed will work for every environment. Obviously the garden that you enjoy in Southern California or Arizona will be much different from the one in New York. Keep this in […]

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diy polish concrete countertops

Polished Concrete Countertops

Polished Concrete Countertops Bring the wow factor to your grill island with polished concrete countertops.  Your grill island is really starting to look like something great.  Time to put the icing on the cake. I will show you how to get professional looking results step by step.  Follow along and when you’re done you will […]

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concrete countertop

Building Your Own Concrete Countertops

Building your own concrete countertops are easier than you think.  Have you ever wanted to have an amazing outdoor bar or grill island that will stand up to the elements and look impressive year after year?  This is a fantastic project that’s the icing on the cake of that awesome grill island you built in […]

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DIY cinder block bb grill island

Cinder Block BBQ Island – More Than Just Blocks

Grill Island Phase 2 When you hear someone say they are building a cinder block bbq island you probably get a certain picture in your mind and think of an unappealing cinder block wall. Well the blocks are only the bones of the project, and when we are finished we are going to have something […]

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