Ignite LED Submersible Lighting by Anjon

Ignite LED Lighting by Anjon

Price: $69.00


Anjon Ignite LED Pond and Landscape lightingWhen I purchased my pond kit, it only came with one submersible light. I was happy at the time, but now that everything is up and running, I wasn’t more. That’s the thing with this hobby, there is always one more thing you HAVE to have, and more lights in the water are no exception!

This is a 3 light kit that can be used in or out of the water. It comes with all the hardware you would ever need for just about any application. There is a base and ground spike, along with a post or tree cleat for mounting each light. I used them without any hardware, just placing them in the rocks and hiding the wire.

These are very well-made. They are made of solid polished brass, and have some weight to them. This is a three light kit. The lights are strung together in linear fashion with 5’ of wire in between them. The LED lights are of the soft white variety and give a warm glow above or below the water.

Energy efficient, each light is 1 watt producing 45 lumens of light. Bulb life is 40,000 hours. That’s 13.5 years, if they ran for 12 hours per day!

This kit comes with one 12-watt transformer, and a photo cell which turns the lights on and off based on darkness. Here is he best place to pick these up.


+ Includes 3 lights

+ Includes photocell, for automatic on at dusk, off at dawn

+ 40,000 hour bulb life

+ Made of polished brass

+ Includes 15’ of wire from last light to photocell, then another 4’ from transformer to outlet

+ All mounting hardware is included

+ Warm natural light

+ Energy efficient 3-watt system


-The lights are all strung on one line together

-Lights using the photocell stay on all night.

-Need a separate timer if you don’t want them on all night

Final Verdict

Backyard water garden gives the Anjon Ignite LED Lighting system 4.75 out of 5. The only reason it’s not a perfect 5 is for the simple fact all three lights are strung together. This limits their placement. However, one way around that is to use multiple kits for all your lighting needs. That is exactly what I may do in the future.

You can pick them up here. Get them before the season starts, so you can enjoy them all summer long!

This is an awesome lighting system, that will hold up for years with solid dependability. Unlike a lot of the other lights on the market that are made of cheap plastic, you can feel the solid quality. I highly recommend these lights to anyone looking for a submersible lighting system that won’t break the bank. If you have personal experience with these or any other types of submersible lights, or simply have a question please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

About the Author

  • Chris says:

    Great review, Jeff. Thanks for sharing your experience with these lights. My wife and I are thinking about getting a small waterspout fountain for our backyard. Do you have any suggestions what we will need besides the fountain itself (Tools for cleaning, Accessories etc.)?

    • Jeff Klinger says:

      Great question Chris, I suggest you add a small amount of chlorine or bleach to the water to keep it clear. That should be all you really need. Also make sure it doesn’t run out of water!

  • Matts Mom says:

    I don’t mind the lights are strung together. I have seen these before in stores like Home Depot. I am actually needing to do some lighting in my back yard. I recently purchased the house and it is in dire need of some landscaping. Lighting being one thing I need 🙂 Are there any options you would recommend? How about lighting for on fencing?

    • Jeff Klinger says:

      I guess the question is what kind of lighting are you looking for? I know there are some solar lights that will sit nicely on fence posts, but as far as lighting up the area, I’m not sure how well they will perform. They are more for the fact that you don’t walk into the fence, rather than light your way. If you are serious about lighting your way, then I recommend using a low voltage system, similar to the lights in the review. This is the best way to get look you are trying to achieve.

  • anthony says:

    Hey, brilliant article!! I have a fairly large pond in my backyard and while the ignite system seems pretty good I just don’t think that 4 lights would suffice. Do they make any 8 light kits or can I buy 2 kits and wire them together!?

    • Jeff Klinger says:

      The largest kit I have come across are the three light kits. However they do sell a 3-way, and 6-way light connector that allows you to plug in up to 6 light systems at once. This would essentially allow you to have 18 lights all on the same photo-cell and only use one outlet. I plan on hooking up 3 of these 3 light kits further down the road.

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