August 18, 2019

Ok, maybe I come from the old school way of thinking. If its a power tool then it needs to run on gas. In the past things that ran on electricity couldn’t even come close to competing to their gas powered counterpart.

I guess things have changed. Technology has come a long way even when it comes to lawn and garden equipment. When my wife told me she had ordered an electric rototiller from Amazon, I just about fell out of my chair laughing. 

sunjo electric roto tiller cultivator

What a waste of money I thought. That thing won’t even make it through the summer. It showed up right on time in a box. As far as assembly goes there is not much to it but screwing the handles on with the supplied thumb screws. After it arrived it was ready to go in less than 10 minutes, except for one small problem. We didn’t have the right gauge extension cord to power it properly. Keep that in mind if and when you order this. 

So we jumped back online and picked up a 100’ 12 gauge cord. Once that came we were back in business.

Video Review

I couldn’t wait to break this thing in. I was going to put it through the ringer. If you’ve ever used a rototiller before you may have noticed a slight delay from the time you put the tines in gear to when they actually start spinning. Being electric, this tiller has no delay. I started my test in hard dry clay soil where I wanted to remove some grass. 

The second the buttons are pressed it sprang to life. Chewing up everything it came in contact with. It did a good job at removing the grass, but with the soil being so hard and dry, it bounced around a bit instead of digging in. This is not unusual among smaller rototillers.

Who Is This Electric Rototiller For

This rototiller is designed with the homeowner, or “do it yourselfer” in mind. Made for smaller tasks and garden cultivating. 

If you have a landscaping business where you would require more robust industrial equipment, this is not for you.


  • Small – perfect for getting in and around plantings. The 16 inch wide up to 8 inches deep, tiller is just the right size to use in a garden between rows of plants.
  • Lightweight – weighing only 27.1 lbs and having a convenient handle at its place of balance to pick it up, there is no struggle maneuvering it around.
  • Power – 13.5 Amp motor, the tines spin at a rapid pace of 360 RPM making this tiller extremely effective.
  • Portable – by simply loosening the knobs, the handle will fold down in 2 spots so it will easily fit in the trunk of a car.
  • 3 position wheel adjustability
  • Minimal assembly required


  • Lightweight – because of its light weight, it has a tendency to bounce off of very hard ground. This sort of thing happens with any smaller rototiller, and this one is no exception.
  • The plug will come unplugged easily if it is not wrapped around the handle.
  • The clip to hold the cord in place on the handle is too small to clip onto a heavy duty extension cord.
  • Needs an electrical outlet to plug in to.

Where to Buy

Amazon but of course. You wouldn’t think of it for a product like this, but the 2 day free shipping is tough to beat. Check HERE (affiliate link to Amazon) for the most up to date price and availability.

Also don’t forget to get the proper rated extension cord. You can pick that up HERE (link to Amazon) as well.

Final Verdict

Would I buy this product again? The answer is a resounding yes. I have been completely proven wrong after my initial doubts. The pros far outweigh the cons and my wife is happy because I stopped laughing. My expectations have been blown out of the water. I admit when I’m wrong, and with this tiny powerhouse you can’t go wrong.

If you have any questions about this product please feel free to ask them below and I will respond as soon as possible. Until next time enjoy your backyard water garden!


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I love being outdoors and hands on DIY. If you share my passion, you are in the right place. If I can help one person surprise themselves with the success of a project, then this website is a success.

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