February 16, 2020

Nothing has a more profound and immediate effect on the feel of an outdoor landscape than lighting. Using a landscape spotlight is no exception. The way something is highlighted and brought to life with the right lighting can be breathtaking. 

Lighting up that focal point in your garden completely changes the way your landscape looks as nightfall approaches. That's why I was so excited to get my new spotlight out and placed almost as soon as I got it.

Even though I had turned my waterfall off for the winter, I still couldn’t wait to see the difference a spotlight would make pointed directly at my pond

The pond kit I used came with one submersible LED light, and I had purchased 3 more of these lights the following season. One of the submersible lights I had been using as a spotlight for my waterfall. 

These submersible lights are fantastic under the water, as you can see from the picture below. They really bring my fish to life on warm summer nights, but as far as spotlights go, it left much to be desired.  

Using Submersible Lights As Spotlights

submersible light on koi fish

Great Under Water

Submersible light as a spotlight

As a Spotlight Not So Great

At first glance there isn’t much to it. It feels solid and made of metal, not cheap plastic. The dark green color will make it easier to hide in the landscape. It has a stake to hold it in place and a rubber gasket that fits snugly up to the bulb that is screwed into it.

spotlight and bulb
spotlight base with rubber gasket

For spotlight placement decide what feature you want to highlight and experiment with different angles.

Placing it directly under a tall magnificent tree will have a different effect from say placing it to shine down on that same tree. Keep these things in mind.

This particular spotlight is made to be staked into the ground, so that’s where it will be placed. 

See the difference distance makes to the subject at hand. I could place it closer to really light up the major part of my waterfall, or I can place it further away so the light blankets the entire area.

Same Light Different Effect

flood light highlight

Highlight a feature

spotlight as a blanket of light

Light an entire area

The downside to this light is there is no timer or way to turn it on and off without plugging / unplugging it. I suggest using a timer to fine tune and adjust the amount of time it's on.  

If you want it to stay on the whole night, plug it into a photocell switch (Amazon link). This will automatically turn the light on when it gets dark and off when the sun comes up. No need to set anything up.

After seeing the brightness of this light first hand, I will be putting it on a timer. I don’t want to blind my neighbors all night long. You can get an outdoor timer here (link to Amazon) for all your landscaping needs.

The bulb used is a GE Nighthawk. It's a dimmable LED bulb. Using only 17 watts giving the equivalent light output of a 150 watt bulb. Also claiming to last up to 13 years. 

We will find out how true these claims are as time goes on, but the reduced energy consumption from LED lighting is a plus any way you look at it.

Key Features

  • Weather resistant rubber gasket
  • Full angle adjustment
  • Bright LED spotlight with low energy consumption

Video Review

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This is an inexpensive way to put some wow factor into your outdoor landscape. I plan on adding a few more of these in the upcoming season. If you haven’t already, go out and get one, or a dozen depending on the size of your outdoor space. Enhance your garden with beauty and awe! Until next time, enjoy your backyard water garden.


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